Mystic Bells* are also known as I”amadores de angeles de plata which means caller of the angels pendant.

This unique piece of jewelery is designed after the crotal bell, the oldest form of bell, and is rich with symbolism, each bell is made from sterling silver and adorned with semi-precious stones, you can be assured that each bell is functional art made to the highest standard possible.

Mystic Bells* can create a positive flow of chi energy. Chi energy is desired for health, happyness, and good fortune.

Musical tones enhance a sense of well being, expands awareness and opens your mind.

Positive sounds of chimes promotes a sense of relaxation and reduces tention.

Mystic Bells* are beautiful functional pieces of jewelery.

Its a wonderful gift to cherish forever…it is told that if you sit still and listen to the wind move through the trees, you may also hear the sound of Mystic Bells* still resonating from time long since past…a flawless chime of romance and reality.

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This beautiful bell is called the Orchid double delight it come in one size only and is adorned with

semi precious stones at the top and bottom .The Orchid is a symbol of rare and

delicate beauty.

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This bell comes in one size{20mm}

There is a variety colours available

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